About Us

In Japan, there is one very interesting method for urban planning.

Commonly, when there is a need for walkways, for example, through a park - a task is given to urban planning architect, who, on the basis of given order, creates a plan for walkways.
In Japan the same task is executed as follows:
First, the entire area throught which the walkways will be built is sown with grass. Afterwards for one year people are allowed to walk over the grass in any direction convenient for them. And only then, in the places where the paths have been formed, pavement is imposed .

Gadgets also build their solutions on existing processes and procedures which are the base of every company and which are different for each company. By adding missing parts, refreshing existing and, more importantly, removing the unnecessary, we obtain simple and easy doable actions and procedures.

We offer services in such directions as:
1. Employee trainings.
2. Attraction of EU funds.
3. Headhunting / recruitment.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence