About Us

Shop Service Group is a multi-branch company which is founded with the aim of providing the services of business development, premise and object planning, commercial property technical maintenance and development, facilities and equipment design, manufacturing and marketing to public organizations and commercial properties from design to provision of full value operation and maintenance.

The company’s team consists of the following specialists: business consultants, development and concept specialists, commercial property management and maintenance specialists, marketing specialists, designers, technologists and specialists of other industries. Company actively provides its services in the territory of all Baltic States.

Since 2012 Shop Service Group is the greatest Estonian trading facilities, equipment and public organizations’ furniture manufacturer Kitman Thulema official dealership in Latvia.

By contacting Shop Service Group dealership, you have an opportunity to obtain the most comprehensive information about the offered products and services from its representatives. The company provides services ranging from selection of premises, planning, concept development to full equipment design and manufacturing.